Approaching Anxiety

Anxiety Treatment Using Real-World Strategies and Real-Time Solutions

Adult Anxiety Treatment, Adolescent Anxiety Management, Life Transition Counseling, and Eating Disorder Treatment in San Diego, California

Talking about the past helps-but overcoming anxiety takes more than introspection. My perspective on managing and treating anxiety relies on teaching you therapeutic tools that empower you to approach your anxiety with skill, strategy, courage, and commitment.

One of my teachers wisely said, “Anxiety is the most cunning of challengers” (Reid Wilson). With this in mind, you’ve got to be ready to approach your worries in a way it does not expect from you. It’s about doing something different and doing what works. 

I have the clinical experience to help you approach your anxiety in a way that will effectively manage the distress of uncertainty that anxious moments feed on. In my many years of working with my clients, I have found that  therapy is at its best when it provides people with actionable solutions they can use to manage episodes of anxiety—in the real-world, in real-time.

Adult Anxiety Treatment

Knowing what to do when your worries pop up is key to keeping any negative thoughts and unwanted obsessions under control. Learning how anxiety works, and perhaps more importantly, learning how to approach anxiety with courage will empower you to take back your strength and happiness in your everyday life.

Adolescent Anxiety Management

It is not uncommon for teenagers and adolescents to have an excess of worries and social anxieties. If left unaddressed, however, these worries and anxieties tend to get in the way of school responsibilities and social relationships. It is important for young people to learn skills that will allow them to break out of the cycle of anxiety and avoidance.

Life Transition Counseling

Adjusting to change is never easy—even positive life transitions can present unexpected stress, worries, and anxieties. When an event, situation, or personal circumstance causes both change and anxiety in your life, it is important that you have the ability to constructively explore the feelings that come with these changes.

Eating Disorder Treatment

Breaking the vicious cycle of dieting and overeating requires people to address the negative thought patterns and self-destructive behaviors that often underscore unhealthy food obsession. My goal-oriented approach to treating eating disorders relies on establishing a balanced and healthy relationship with food.

Hi, I’m Dr. Rachelle

As a licensed Clinical Psychologist, my skill-based approach to therapy is about teaching my clients to respond differently by introducing small changes at just the right moment. I encourage and enable my clients to strategically examine the present, learn to take the next step, and become stronger versions of themselves now to get the future they deserve.

Moving forward, one manageable step at a time, I can help you—

  • Manage everyday stress and anxiety more consistently 
  • Break out of the cycle of obsessing and overthinking
  • Work toward managing and responding to anxiety in real-time
  • Identify what you want and move toward it successfully  
  • Deal with phobias effectively
  • Build stronger connections with family members
  • Cultivate a healthier relationship with food
"Dr. Rachelle quickly helped me learn to change my experience of anxiety. I now look forward to, and enjoy, situations that I regularly avoided prior to our three sessions. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has struggled with anxiety. Her approach is clear, practical, and fits well with the many forms anxiety takes."
-James S.

Take the next step.

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