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Overcoming Anxiety with Skill and Strategy, Courage and Commitment

Anxiety is extremely manipulative in that it knows and latches on to your vulnerabilities. Body image issues—anxiety will latch on to it as disordered eating. Feeling awkward or embarrassed easily when in a social situation or with friends—anxiety will go after it as a social disorder. You see, anxiety has a theme and content that typically plays out on your insecurities and doubts. This makes anxiety quite a cunning challenger, yes. However, anxiety is NOT and NEVER indomitable. 

In my years of experience working with clients, I have come to understand that people generally have more strength and resilience within them than they recognize—certainly more than enough to overcome their own anxieties. It is in helping you grow in that self-awareness and make use of your own inner strength and resilience that therapy becomes most helpful and valuable. You just need to know what to do (or say) at the right time.

As a team, we will confront and overcome your anxieties with skill and strategy, courage and commitment.

Anxiety Treatment

Knowing what to do when your worries pop up is key to keeping any negative thoughts and unwanted obsessions under control. Learning how anxiety works, and perhaps more importantly, learning how to carefully approach anxiety with courage will empower you to take back your confidence and your happiness in your everyday life.

Adolescent Anxiety Management

It is not uncommon for teenagers and adolescents to have an excess of worries and social anxieties. If left unaddressed, however, these worries and anxieties tend to get in the way of school responsibilities and social relationships. It is important for young people to learn skills that will allow them to break out of the cycle of anxiety and avoidance.

Life Transition Counseling

Adjusting to change is never easy—even positive life transitions can present unexpected stress, worries, and anxieties. When an event, situation, or personal circumstance causes both change and anxiety in your life, it is important that you have the ability to constructively explore the feelings that come with these changes.

Eating Disorder Treatment

Breaking the vicious cycle of dieting and overeating requires people to address the negative thought patterns and self-destructive behaviors that often underscore unhealthy food obsession. My goal-oriented approach to treating eating disorders relies on establishing a balanced and healthy relationship with food

When everything feels like a revolving door of stress and anxieties, therapy doesn’t only allow us to figure out where we are. It also teaches us what to do in order to move forward in the right direction.