About Dr. Rachelle

Actionable Therapy and Real World Resilience

Life is full of uncertainties and varying degrees of discomfort. Learning tools that will help you confront and overcome these challenges will allow you to move forward through adversity—emerge stronger, braver, and closer to tackling the next challenge with genuine courage and increased resilience.

My approach to therapy is designed to provide people with specific strategies that they can use in moments of uncertainty and discomfort.

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I can help you—

Hi, I’m Dr. Rachelle

I built my professional practice with the single-minded goal of providing every client who walks through my doors the tools, strategies, and skills they need to overcome their anxieties and live life to the fullest.

I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist with a doctoral degree in Marital & Family Therapy from Alliant International University. I also hold a Master’s degree in Social Work from St. Louis University.

Brief Strategic Cognitive Therapy—the problem solving and solutions-driven approach to therapy that I prefer—doesn’t stop at helping people understand WHY they are feeling WHAT they are feeling. Instead, this approach to therapy helps people figure out HOW to best respond to the situation—especially in the moments when they are most vulnerable to negative thoughts and unwanted emotions.

“My goal is to help you develop practical skills that you can use over and over again in different circumstances and in various stages of life.”