Insurance & Billing

While I do not accept insurance, your health insurance provider or employee benefit plan may include full or partial out-of-network coverage. Please reach out to your provider directly to see if they cover therapy services.

If you are struggling with—

Protecting your confidentially

It’s important to know that insurance companies use a medical model which means therapists have to provide a diagnosis proving “medical necessity.” If the insurance company determines that the diagnosis meets medical necessity, only then will they grant coverage.

Once the insurance company is given your diagnosis, that will become part of your medical record. The insurance company can request entire conversations we’ve had, copies of documents or notes—as much information as they want. This could become an issue down the road when it comes to specific employment opportunities or life changes that involve legal matters, like going through a divorce.

Ensuring the power is in your hands

Sometimes the goal of being in therapy isn’t about receiving a diagnosis. Particularly when it comes to family therapy or coping with life transitions. I don’t believe anyone should be forced into a diagnosis in order to receive therapy.

I believe you have the right to keep your medical records confidential. Whether or not you choose to use out-of-network coverage is up to you. I just want you to feel comfortable in how you choose to move forward.

Sessions & Fees

I pride myself on providing a therapeutic approach that is short-term in nature. Most of my clients see me for 10 sessions or less and may reach back out, at a later point in their life, when they need a refresher.

Payment Options

Cancellation Policy

If you can’t make it to a session, you must cancel at least 24 hours beforehand. Those who do not show for their appointment, or cancel at least 24 hours ahead of time, will be charged the full rate of the session.

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