Eating Disorder Treatment

Living with disordered eating can make everyday moments feel overwhelming, complicated, and even painful. 

Many of my clients who suffer from disordered eating are extremely accomplished in many areas of their life. But their relationship with food causes them extreme distress, and often overwhelming feelings of guilt and shame. 

Disordered eating creates a vicious cycle that can be tremendously difficult to break out of. 

It is crucial that you understand that you are not the problem! The problem is the cycle that you are stuck in, and by working together we can unblock the things that are keeping you stuck. You’ll learn really clear skills that will help you understand how to use different strategies and empower you to re-imagine your relationship with food. 

You may be struggling with:
“I have struggled with Binge Eating Disorder for the past 3 years and after extensive research, I decided it was time to seek out professional help. I made an appointment with Dr. Rachelle and after our first meeting, I was certain that this was going to be an excellent fit. Her professional yet calming approach was exactly what I needed to push me in the right direction toward making a positive change. Her analysis of my condition was spot on and together we pinpointed my triggers and found ways to solve them in a healthy and successful manner. After one month of treatment, I have seen tremendous change in my body, my health and emotional well being. I cannot thank Dr. Rachelle enough for her insight and encouragement. I no longer let Binge Eating Disorder define me, I instead focus on Dr. Rachelle’s “one step at a time” approach and I am confident that with the tools I have learned, I can now handle any obstacle that comes my way. Making an appointment with Dr. Rachelle was the best decision I could have made, it has completely changed my relationship with food and I look forward to what the future holds in my recovery. Thank you Dr. Rachelle!”

If your relationship with food is causing you distress and making it hard for you to live fully, I can help. 

My goal is to help you establish a balanced and healthy relationship with food. We’ll use a variety of goal-oriented approaches that will help you to make tangible progress. We won’t just talk about your struggles, we’ll identify concrete steps you can take to make things better day by day. 

Focusing on the solution is power!